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Under Pressure: Unveiling Winter’s Silent Impact on Our Heart Health

by Ira Antelis October 06, 2023 2 min read

Under Pressure: Unveiling Winter’s Silent Impact on Our Heart Health - 120/Life

Hey everyone, Ira here. I absolutely adore the change of seasons, especially when the first whiff of crisp, cold air signals the arrival of winter. However, as the founder of 120/Life, I’m acutely aware of the silent shifts occurring within our bodies as the temperature drops – particularly the impact on my BP. 

The Cold Truth About Winter and Blood Pressure
You might not realize it, but winter does a number on our blood pressure. The cold constricts our blood vessels, making our hearts work overtime to pump blood through narrower spaces. And it's not just about the cold – activities we often engage in during winter, such as snow shoveling, can also spike our blood pressure unexpectedly.

Shoveling Snow: A Hidden Cardiovascular Workout
Who doesn’t love a pristine, snow-covered winter? While I enjoy grabbing a shovel and clearing the driveway, I've learned that this seemingly innocuous activity is akin to a heavy workout for our hearts. So, I ensure to take it easy, use a light shovel, and take frequent breaks.

Don't Let Winter Dry You Out
Another overlooked aspect is winter dehydration. Our breath visibly puffs out as water vapor, and with our thirst often diminished in the cold, it's easy to get dehydrated. I keep a water bottle handy and enjoy warm, low-sodium soups to stay hydrated and keep my blood pressure in check.

My Winter Strategy with 120/Life
Navigating through winter, I am not without my trusty ally: 120/Life. Our drink, crafted with a blend of six natural ingredients, supports my blood pressure, providing a daily shield against the drop in temperature. I developed it to be a simple, tasty, and effective addition to my routine, and it’s been a game-changer for my health, especially in the chilly months.

A Friendly Winter Reminder
Friends, while winter brings joy, festivities, and serene snowscapes, it also demands a bit of extra attention to our cardiovascular health. So, let’s keep warm, stay active indoors, hydrate well, and monitor our blood pressure regularly.

Enjoy the winter wonderland, and let’s do it with health on our side!


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