Our Story

We started out as a diagnosis. “Your blood pressure’s sky high,” our founder Ira’s doctor told him. “Get it down in 3 weeks, or it’s surgery.” So Ira went on medication, changed his diet, and began exercising. But he also learned about foods that work like natural blood pressure medicines. It turns out there’s some powerful biochemistry going on in the produce section of your grocery store. With help from life-long friend and nutritionist, Susan Schachter, he blended a juice. Drank it. Two weeks later, his BP was 30 points lower. “How’d you do this?” his doctor asked. He cut Ira’s meds, and eventually took him off them altogether.

That was the start. The juice became a mindset, and the mindset became a company. It’s based on the belief that you don’t have to turn your life upside-down to control your blood pressure. With the right help, it can be simple. And you can get that help right here: from a free ebook on BP, to a free custom app to track your numbers, to news, tips, clinical studies, and videos — and, of course, the juice that started it all.

108 million people in America have high BP. We’re here for all of you. Come as you are, as often as you like — whether you buy anything or not. And if you have questions, ask. Or call Ira. Seriously. He answers the phone.

It’s simple. It works. There’s no pressure. We need more stuff like this. We’ll keep bringing it to you.

– Ira Antelis, Founder, 120/Life®

Our Team

Things work better when you know who’s working with you. This is us.

Adi Malik


Ira Antelis


Susan Schachter, MSRDN


Joel Mirsberger


Medical Advisory Board

Whenever we share information (like in an email or on our web site), we want you to know you can trust it. Our Medical Advisory Board has 70 combined years of experience in medicine, cardiology, health and nutrition. If they don’t believe it, we don’t say it.

Dr. Nimit Aggarwal

Critical Care Specialist

Dr. Lowell Steen


Honey Antelis