Signs You Need to Do Something for Your High Blood Pressure - 120/Life

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  • Signs You Need to Do Something for Your High Blood Pressure

    April 28, 2021 3 min read

    Signs You Need to Do Something for Your High Blood Pressure - 120/Life

    As we age, we can’t count on our health the way we did when we were younger. As bodies mature, they don’t “bounce back” the way they did when you were in your twenties or thirties. Even if you look and feel as though you’re in the best shape of your life, unseen ailments may compromise your overall health. You may experience sleep problems, nutritional deficits, and high blood pressure.

    If your doctor raised concerns at your last physical about your blood pressure, and you’re wondering what you can do for high blood pressure, we’ll discuss what the diagnosis means and how you can make changes to help–without medication.

    How to Know if it’s Time to Address Your Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure, or hypertension, refers to the pressure put on your arterial walls by your blood flow. Over time, this elevated pressure can lead to serious health concerns like heart disease.

    Two factors contribute to measuring your blood pressure:

    • The amount of blood pumped by your heart
    • The amount of resistance that blood meets in your arteries

    If you have narrowing arteries, your blood pressure will elevate as pumped blood pushes against the walls.

    How Do You Feel When Your BP Is High?

    You can have high blood pressure - sometimes for years - without symptoms or notable disruption to your life. However, if your doctor raises concerns about your test results, you may wonder what to do for your high blood pressure.

    Get regular testing from your Doctor

    Health professionals recommend having your blood pressure tested every two years from the age of 18. This recommendation is because it’s often without symptoms–even when it’s at a concerning level. Regular doctor appointments are an essential thing to do for high blood pressure.

    There are often community resources for those without a primary care provider to test your blood pressure, such as testing sleeves in pharmacies or at seasonal health fairs. Two numbers describe your blood pressure level:

    • Systolic: the first number measures your blood pressure as your heart beats
    • Diastolic: the second number measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart is at rest.

    Systolic is usually described as being “over” diastolic. Health professionals consider normal pressure to be 120/80 or lower, or 120 as your heart beats (systolic) and 80 as your heart rests (diastolic).

    • Stage 1: 130/80 or higher
    • Stage 2: 140/90 or higher
    • Emergency level: 180/110 or higher

    By taking regular blood pressure readings, you can catch irregularities before reaching Stage 1, safeguarding your future health.

    Try these top things you can do about high blood pressure.

    Simple changes in your life will take control of hypertension, particularly if your blood pressure numbers are rising towards 130 or higher. Treating blood pressure doesn’t always require adding medication to your routine or dramatic lifestyle changes. 

    Incorporating physical activity, even something as simple as a daily walk or bicycle ride, can help lower your blood pressure. Reducing the amount of sodium you consume and increasing potassium are both simple changes you can make.

    The produce aisle of your grocery store contains hypertension-fighting superfoods like pomegranates, cherries, hibiscus, and beetroot. But few people have the time (or desire) to consume them in the amounts needed to change their blood pressure levels. That’s why 120/Life concentrated the beneficial ingredients into an easy once-a-day juice bottle.

    Don’t just wonder what to do for high blood pressure; lower it with 120/Life.

    Ira Antelis, the founder of 120/Life, discovered he had high blood pressure at 57. He devoted himself to researching natural remedies for hypertension and enlisted the help of an MSRDN nutritionist, Susan Schachter, to perfect the formula. Using all-natural ingredients backed by scientific research, the 120/Life juice formula can help lower blood pressure.

    Don’t just wonder what to do about high blood pressure; start making life changes today by ordering 120/Life and get on the path to eliminating hypertension from your life. Another route to take is just informing yourself by checking out our free eBook on The Guide To High Blood pressure.

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