Coffee and High Blood Pressure: A Jittery Relationship? - 120/Life

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Coffee and High Blood Pressure: A Jittery Relationship?

by Adi Malik November 09, 2023 2 min read

Coffee and High Blood Pressure: A Jittery Relationship? - 120/Life

Ever find yourself eyeing that second cup of coffee and wondering if it’s a friend or foe to your blood pressure? Let's spill the beans on the latest buzz from the world of health research.

The Steamy Details

A study from the Journal of the American Heart Association throws a curveball for coffee lovers with high blood pressure.

Quick Sips:

  • Double Trouble: Downing two or more cups of java daily might double your heart risk if you're wrestling with severe hypertension.
  • A Single Cup: Seems like one cup of coffee keeps its hands clean of heart risks.
  • Green Tea Twist: It's got caffeine, but it's playing it cool on the risk front.

Coffee and High Blood Pressure: What's Brewing?

Cutting Back, Not Cutting Out

If your blood pressure is doing its own pressure cooker impression, maybe it’s time to think before you drink (coffee, that is). Switching to a single cup or exploring other options could be your best bet.

The Caffeine Kick

Caffeine's like that friend who's great in small doses but a bit much when overdone. It can send your blood pressure on a mini rollercoaster ride, not ideal for a lot of us.

Beyond the Bean

Eating Smart and Moving More

Your heart loves a good meal (the healthy kind) and a bit of exercise. Keeping active and eating right are like your heart's gym buddies.

Chill Out

Stress and blood pressure aren’t exactly best friends. Finding ways to relax isn't just nice – it's necessary. Whether it's yoga, a good book, or just deep breaths, find your zen.

Keep Tabs

Blood pressure can be sneaky. Keep an eye on it, and listen to your doctor. They know their stuff.

120/Life: Your Tasty BP Buddy

We’re here to make managing your blood pressure a bit more delicious. Our drinks are like a high-five for your heart.


Love coffee? Just remember it's all about balance. Keep it moderate, stay informed, and here’s to keeping your ticker ticking just right.

Cheers to your health,

Adi Malik

CEO, 120/Life

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