120/Life Powdered Drink Mix

Apparently this stuff works - Mike M.


You can feel the difference - Kevin K.


My BP was 157/101... now it is 129/87 - Latasha G.


Seems to work... lowered my numbers by 7% - Scott L.


It is a life saver - Golda C.


I feel better, I have more energy - Alex Y.


My BP went down 10 points in 2 weeks - Lucy W.


I have only been drinking it for 2 weeks and my BP numbers have gone down - Elizabeth S.


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120/Life Powder

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Scientifically formulated to help lower blood pressure, 120/Life is an all-natural, delicious and convenient beverage made with a blend of six superfoods: beetroot, cranberry, tart cherry, pomegranate, hibiscus, & magnesium. These ingredients work together to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and support liver health.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Lower BP numbers in 28 days or your money back! 

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Proudly produced in the USA

  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • Improved blood flow
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Supports liver health
  • Promotes muscle recovery
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After taking the supplement as directed for just a week my subsequent doctors appointment provided proof…my blood pressure was down over 20 points! This was terrific news as I am a truck driver and my DOT medical requirements meant my blood pressure had to be with in a certain range ... This product saved me my job!

- Frank M.

I went for a physical back in November. My blood pressure was 150/100. Today when I went to the Doctor it was 132/90. So I am making progress with 120Life. Thank you! I will continue to use this product and see if I can get it down more.

- Blanche R.

I started taking 120Life on 1/11/2023. I went to my Doctor on 1/10/2023 for my yearly Physical check up on and my Blood Pressure was 157/101 as of 1/27/2023 my Blood Pressure went down tremendously to 129/87 and it’s been like that now for several days now Thanks to 120 for Life!

- Latasha G.

Natural ingredients. Backed by science.



Pomegranate is a natural ACE inhibitor, which assists in stopping blood vessels from constricting too much.



Hibiscus acts as a natural ACE inhibitor and a natural potassium-sparing diuretic. It also helps to keep LDL (“bad”) cholesterol under control

Tart Cherry

Tart Cherry

Tart cherries are a rich source of vitamin C and phenolic compounds, which have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Tart Cherry


Cranberries are high in phenolic compounds, which have an anti-inflammatory effect.



Beetroot is extremely high in nitrates, which the body converts to nitrite and then nitric oxide (NO), which is a potent vasodilator.



Magnesium is a smooth muscle relaxer, a natural calcium channel blocker, and may increase nitric oxide (NO) production.