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Dr. Nimit Aggarwal

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Dr. Nimit Aggarwal's career combines over two decades of clinical expertise as a Board-Certified Intensivist with a keen business acumen. As a valued scientific and business advisor to 120/Life, Dr. Aggarwal's vast experience in medicine and business plays a pivotal role in guiding the company.

After completing his medical training at Rush University Medical Center, Dr. Aggarwal quickly emerged as a leading figure in the Chicago medical community. He has held numerous senior leadership positions, underscoring his dedication to the field. Notably, he has served as the Medical Director at institutions such as TeamHealth, Ingalls, and the Provident Hospital of Cook County. His role as the President of Critical Care Specialists, S.C., spanning nearly two decades, showcases his commitment to advancing critical care medicine.

Dr. Aggarwal's dedication to population health is evident in his role as the Medical Director at CHC Wellness, Inc. Furthermore, his recent accomplishment of obtaining an EMBA from the renowned Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management amplifies his multifaceted expertise.

His association with 120/Life on the Medical Advisory Board since 2018 is a testament to his versatility. Drawing from his comprehensive experience, Dr. Aggarwal assists 120/Life in merging the realms of healthcare and business, ensuring that the company's offerings are both medically sound and strategically positioned in the market.

In every capacity, whether it's clinical, administrative, or advisory, Dr. Aggarwal's contributions to healthcare and business continue to make a significant impact.

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