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Ira's Story

At age 57, happily married and with 2 kids -- and seemingly very healthy -- I went for a routine check-up. My doctor informed me I needed to normalize my blood pressure immediately. I searched medical libraries and found clinical studies about natural ingredients that could potentially help. I experimented mixing a drink made from high-quality juice extracts and ingredients that have been clinically shown to help promote normal blood pressure levels.

After drinking this delicious beverage, my results were astounding. I began giving bottles away to people, like me, who were also looking for new ways to aid in managing their blood pressure and. The reviews were consistently positive.

I asked my lifelong friend, Susan Schachter, MSRDN Nutritionist, to help optimize the formula for blood pressure normalization and good taste.

So enjoy the naturally great tasting way to help maintain healthy blood pressure. 120/Life®. 

Make healthy blood pressure a way of life.

– Ira Antelis, Founder, 120/Life®

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