120/Life 2-Week Trial Pack

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Congratulations! Since you’re here, we know that you are searching for healthy blood pressure remedies and natural solutions. Great news: you have discovered 120/Life®.

  • 120/Life® is the first functional drink created from a mixture of six natural ingredients, each shown in clinical studies to promote normal blood pressure.

  • 120/Life® is made from a tasty blend of: beetroot, cranberry, tart cherry, pomegranate, and hibiscus along with added magnesium.

  • Unlike blood pressure supplements, and pills, 120/Life® is a delicious drink that is gluten-free, vegan, and contains no artificial ingredients, fillers, or coloring. It’s a blend of natural ingredients to be enjoyed along with other healthy blood pressure solutions like exercise, less sodium, normal weight, no smoking and less stress.

  • 120/Life® comes in convenient 7 packs, so you can enjoy one 8-ounce bottle each day of the week. It’s an enjoyable, natural fruit and veggie blend in compact bottles that you can tuck in your briefcase or purse. Start the day with the fresh flavor, enjoy it as a healthy mid-afternoon snack or after work for a healthy pick-me-up. It’s the easy, great tasting way to help maintain healthy blood pressure.